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4 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Nottingham

When you're a first time parent, it can feel a bit daunting to eat out in restaurants with small children - will there be highchairs, is there enough space to maneuver a buggy in, are the servers nice to rowdy tots banging spoons against the table - are the tables sturdy enough to withstand some spoon banging ...?

Here are four toddler-approved restaurants (in order of preference):

  1. Annie's Burger Shack

One of my favourite's even before Z, this is such a warm, friendl restaurant with great food and even greater prices! Wooden tables inside and outdoors, highchairs, plenty of room and usually noisy enough already so you won't feel out of place. They've even got a kid's menu!

Breakfast is also a great time to go because it is usually less busy before 11 am and face it, as parents, 11am is already half the day gone!

I love their vegetarian options for burgers (everything comes with a veggie and vegan option) and the breakfast burrito is awesome too! Open 7 days a week (breakfast served till 10:30am).

2. The Magic Garden

Although one of the hardest venues to ever find an evening booking for, I discovered they are quite free in the mornings! They only do breakfast on the weekend and to be honest, the food is nice enough but nothing to go out of your way for. HOWEVER - the venue itself is just gorgeous! There is so much outdoor seating (with a big covered space as well) and the whimsical decor with colourful bunting, distracted disco balls and pretty flowers is worth a trip. They also have sturdy tables, highchairs and friendly service so if you're looking for a nice outdoorsy venue on a sunny day, go to the Magic Garden and let your tots explore while you hurriedly gulp down your scrambled eggs and coffee.

3. Colombo Street

A newer addition to Nottingham's cuisine scene, the food here was absolutely delicious! I don't think there is any other Sri Lankan restaurant in the city and with its modern, spacious interior, free wif-fi, lovely servers and highchairs, it is quite friendly towards children as well.

There isn't anything on the menu that screams 'toddlers' but then you can always pack some sandwiches and chips for the littler ones! We ordered a variety of things from the menu and everything was top-notch quality and scrumptious.

4. Kayal

We actually walked into this place because it was surprisingly hard to find a restaurant on the weekend that wasn't fully booked up even around 5:30pm! The service was uber friendly and warm, they ushered us into their cosy dining area, got a highchair for us and were very quick, which is a definite plus for when you've got a temperamental tot with you.

Once again, high quality food although not the most child-centered. I love their dosas and my husband loved the fish. And they're open 7 days a week.

If you're looking for more dining options with your tots, here are my recommendations in Beeston.

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