• Aisha Iqbal

5 Things to do at Rushcliffe Country Park

I always wonder before trying a new park if it's going to be much different than our usual ones (Highfields, Wollaton, Dovecote) and I have to say, Rushcliffe Country Park was definitely worth the £15 taxi ride from Beeston!

Absolutely perfect for a sunny day and even with so many people visiting, the park is spacious enough to not feel crowded.

Don't miss our top 5 things to do:

1. Walk around the lake and discover the caterpillar, frog and ladybird sculptures - perfect for clambering over and under!

2. Run through the beautiful green meadows (you've got plenty to choose from!) blooming with wildflowers.

3. Play in the fantastic playground with lots of sand and slides and swings

4. Get an ice cream (or coffee!) from one of two kiosks or ice cream vans scattered around

5. Discover wooden sculpture benches hidden midst grassy alcoves and secret clearings among wooded paths (we found a dragonfly, snake, grasshopper, hedgehog) and don't miss out on the maze made out of old tyres leading to a treasure chest

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