• Aisha Iqbal

Afternoon at the Stonebridge City Farm

If you're tired of going to the park and indoor play areas over and over again, I'd recommend a visit to the Stonebridge City Farm. It is a 15-20 minute walk from Nottingham City Centre (or you could take one of the many buses towards Sneinton) and free to enter.

Run by volunteers and as a charity, so every time you buy something from there, you feel a little bit pleased with yourself. I found the staff there quite lovely and there is a little cafe with an outdoor array of cakes, pastries and pasties (very much a school bakesale feel to it), some picnic benches in the garden and a sweet little play area.

You can buy sweets or some animal food and then stroll along the one-way marked path by the many kinds of goats, all very loud, some quite big. I must say Zain wasn't a big fan of these bleating braying creatures but if your tot is older than 18 months, they'd probably be happy to race along and maybe even feed the animals!

There were some very large and lazy pigs, bashful ponies (my favourite), sheep, cows (also slightly terrifying for Z for some reason!) and then some smaller sheep which Z gazed at for a few minutes.

There are a few bird cages and a lovely little garden that you can stroll through. When we visited last, the petting animals part of the farm was still closed due to Covid but they do have adorable rabbits and guinea pigs which your child can cuddle and pet during non-pandemic times!

Overall conclusion: a good afternoon out, although if your children are between 3 - 8 years old, they can definitely spend more time here and enjoy it more than my scaredy-cat Z!

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