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Restaurant Recommendations & Reviews in Beeston - 2

Updated: Feb 2

Here are this month's restaurant reviews from me and Z. If you've got any recommendations, please share in the comments below!

  1. Flour Brewer

A relatively new cafe on Chilwell High Road that offers live music on the weekend, plenty of indoor space and a smaller, cosy courtyard. We stopped here on a quiet Thursday around 11 am after our morning baby class.

The space is quite lovely and the staff was very warm and friendly. I ordered a fish sandwich and my friend ordered Eggs Royale and while the food was hot and fresh, we were a bit disappointed with the grocery store bread.

The overall atmosphere is quite nice and the food is very modestly priced so I will be venturing there again - apparently Tuesday is 'toddler friendly day' so defintely worth poking my nose and finding out what that means. We will give it a 2.5 star on our fancy 3-Star Scale!

2. Bendigo

Situated smack in the middle of Beeston town centre with a bohemian decor, plenty of seating inside and outdoors, I really wish Bendigo was better than it is! Zain and I sat outside on another quiet weekday morning and while the servers were very polite, they took absolutely ages to take our order and then later forgot to bring us water and ketchup.

Anyone with a toddler at a restaurant knows that time is of critical value - there is a short window in which said child will sit and smack his plastic toys around. You need your food served timely! The mozzarella and tomato panini was good but overall, I find the food a tad bit overpriced and with the very slow service, I'd give it a 2 star at best. Definitely go to Christine's Delights a thousand times over instead - the only problem being on a Sunday and Monday, your options to dine in Beeston are very limited and Bendigo is open seven days a week!

* Update: The next time we went (as part of Oxjam in Beeston) the service was super quick and friendly. The overall atmosphere was also quite child-friendly so maybe give this a try!

3. Anatolia

A much needed addition to Beeston's eateries! A new Turkish restaurant with lots of indoor seating and some outdoor seats as well. The staff is wonderful and the food is absolutely delicious. I ordered the Chicken Shish Kebab and it was great! Just ask for some garlic sauce and you'll be set.

Everything is priced very well (main dishes between £9-12) and you're served some warm pita with dips as soon as you sit down - for free! Z ate ALL the bread and loved it.

Definitely going there again and hopefully ordering some Turkish tea and bakhlava to end the meal. The restaurant is open six days a week (closed on Mondays) from 11:30 am till 11 pm (even on a Sunday when Beeston turns into a ghost town after 4pm. Woohoo!)

4. Cartwheel Cafe

Just when I was running out of cafes to visit with Z, I saw that this cute little (and apparently award-winning) cafe has opened up by Sainsbury's, right where the Bean used to be. I tried it out on a weekday afternoon after the lunch rush and it was quite the perfect place for working with nice big tables, good tea and of course, free wi-fi.

The good things though: lovely space, indoors and outdoors. I've tried the mushroom and smashed avocado sandwich which was absolutely divine, and the chocolate walunt cookie, a giant cookie which was the perfect texture, not too hard or too soft, crumbly and the perfect level of sweetness for me.

* Update: Much faster service now - they have limited highchairs (maybe just one?) but the servers are really nice and the quality of food and drink is amazing.

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