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Top 3 things to do with kids in Nottingham

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I love Nottingham - lately Market Square has been getting a little dodgy looking and in need of some bright flowers and plants, but overall the city is the perfect size for me. Plenty to do but not overwhelming, artsy cinemas, festivals, live music, lovely parks. Since Z was born, I'm looking at everything differently now and finding things that are more suitable to explore with a tiny tot. See below for my top 3!

1. Planet Bounce

Photo Credit: PlanetBounce

If you've got children under 15, you probably know about this hidden gem! Located in an obscure building down in the dinghier part of town (near the dance club Pryzm!) this place is quite amazing, even for smaller tots under 2 like Zain. For older kids, the giant inflatable park with slides and ball pits and obstacles is more adventure and excitement than you can fit in a couple of hours. And it is definitely the kind of place that will bring out the inner child in adults - you see tall burly men burying themselves under plastic balls and mums slam dunking their bodies onto the bouncy floor, startling their little ones and then making them giggle ...

Although there is a designated area for under 4's, it is quite small (and for some reason, has very dim lighting) but everyday from 10 am to 11am, they have 'Planet Tots' and the whole area is reserved for under 4s and their older siblings. I definitely recommend it for a fun time out. Under 1's are free but unless you've got a walking/toddling toddler, a softplay area is probably more suited for crawling babies.

Prices for Planet Tots (1 hour): £5.50 for under 4s

£7.50 for 5 - 14 year olds

£3.50 for over 16s

Little Tips: Wear comfortable clothes, and if you *really* want to take pictures or videos, bring those phone holster strap things that serious runners wear around their arms while running, or a fanny pack/waist bag because you can't really bring any objects into the bouncing area and you don't want to be holding a phone while jumping, falling, catching and bouncing your tot around.

You get free lockers to put all your stuff in.

When you walk in with your smaller tots, there is a sign that says 'under 4 area' to the left, but just remember for this hour, the entire place is reserved for smaller tots (and their siblings). The little tot area is good to warm up but definitely leave time for the larger area. There is just so much more space to run and fall and bounce around!

Don't worry about the dim lights - Z really didn't seem to mind and we got used to it quickly.

2. Stonebridge City Farm

For a fun half day out, this tiny little farm is really good. Run by volunteers, it is free, has a playground, animals to feed, little garden with bright flowers and a homely cafe with cakes. If you want to read more about it, see my post here!

3. Wollaton Hall & Deer Park

Even before Z, this is one of my favourite places in Nottingham. The gorgeous grounds, lake, stately mansion with its smaller gardens, green slopes, cafe, playground and of course, the elusive deer!

So pack a picnic because there are plenty of tables around or get some good coffee from one of two cafes there. The hall is worth a walk around as well and the playground is great (the second cafe is located there). There are often festivals and events happening here and there is just SO much space for kids to spend their energy. Also, need I say Autumn is a beautiful time to visit?

Just remember to be near the gates before sundown because it is easy to lose track of time and get locked inside. Not an ideal situation, especially if you've got children! You can read more about the park in my other blog post here.

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