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What to Pack for a Trip with a Tot

Travelling light is the way to go but you definitely need more things when travelling with a child(ren). While it depends on how long you're going for, where you're going and what the weather is like, see below for my list of essentials.

Please note this list is just what to pack for the baby/toddler. Don't forget your own things! The first time I packed meticulously, taking lots of extra things for Zain that I didn't even end up needing but actually forgot my own socks. An essential item for a holiday in England!

A good rule is to have at least as many outfits as the number of days you're away for and then plus 1 (or two if you're extra cautious).

For your diaper/nappy bag (which if you're travelling on a plane is like your survival kit) I've got the following suggestions:

  1. Nappies/diapers (depends on how old your baby is but I'd pack 10 for a 24-hour journey)

  2. Wipes (baby wipes & a small antibacterial wipe pack)

  3. Changing mat

  4. Change of clothes (two for a 24 hour journey)

  5. Couple of portable books

  6. Snacks/milk (depending on how old your baby is - Z is on cow's milk now so no more carrying little boxes of formula!)

  7. Bib/sippy cup, maybe a toddler spoon

  8. Pacifier/dummy (helps during landing and take-off as well

  9. Small toy/activity (if there is space otherwise you know your 14 month old will be happy playing with plastic cutlery)

Tip: Avoid the impulse to overpack because you'll have so much trouble finding what you need that that special-designed-for-plane activity set will definitely not be worth it!

If you're travelling with your baby for the first time and are nervous, have a look at my blog post here with some helpful tips and reassurance that you can do it!

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